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Golden Girl Golden Girl

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I'm very impressed with your work. Your style has really been coming around lately. The mask has become very symbolic to the point that as soon as it is seen in a thumbnail, everyone knows it is you. Which I think is great since now people can register who you are with your work ie) you have developed a very unique style, which I quite enjoy.

The expression of the figure is very well done; all the right parts of the body articulate the way they should to produce a very bold formulation. One thing that I most appreciated was the subtle texture of your characters skin. As creepy as this may sound, I want to be able to touch her flesh to see what it would feel like. But I would settle for being able to bask in her radiant pride.

You are quite talented at what you do. Please continue to do what you have been doing. I look forward to your next peace.

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Darkness Darkness

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As usual - it's incredible. I could never imagine drawing something this large. You did an excellent job at maintaining the human figure, especially considering the scale of your work. The mood created by the graphite accents the pose of your subject perfectly.

I've always been impressed with your work, and I still am.

Abandoned Abandoned

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This is frightening, but entirely awesome at the same time. I particularly like the colours you chose to use. I can`t exactly put a finger on exactly why though. Maybe cause it gives it a "wooden" feeling, which i guess owls live in the woods, and the woods can be a creepy place for certain contexts. Like I said, I don't know.

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Errold responds:

I think I kind of get what you are saying, kind of. Maby. I think :D

Thanks for the review!

Bananasaur Bananasaur

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As I was scrolling down in my browser revealing more and more of this picture, I got this incredible feeling of how messed that would be to actually have this situation occur. I typically have a banana for breakfast, and now I'll probably think twice before peeling open this fruit.

In terms of art, I think the detail is pretty great especially for WATERCOLOR or as I would call it - watercoloUr. Sweet deal man.

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bloominglove responds:

Haha. Thanks, I try to improve on my watercolor each time I use it! :)